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12 Days in Japan

12 Days in Japan

From the neon streetscapes of Tokyo, all the way down to the vibrant city of Hiroshima (with stops along the way at beautiful Kyoto and Nara), the Native Union team has done the hard work for you!

Out of the Cosmos

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We’re constantly looking to the design, fashion and even fitness industry for inspiration when coming up with new concepts and designs. Our latest cable collection - Cosmos - is no exception.

It began with Terrazzo. Invented by Venetian construction workers in 15th Century to construct Palazzos, Terrazzo essentially turns waste chips of marble, granite, quartz and other materials into low cost but beautiful flooring. It is best characterized by its mosaic quality and polished, smooth surface. It can be seen everywhere - from public buildings to the London Underground.

It was British designer Max Lamb that brought it mainstream when he launched a Terrazzo surface for architectural product company dzek at Milan Design Week 2014. Since then, its revival as a contemporary design trend has been unstoppable, with furniture, soft furnishings and accessories taking direct inspiration from the technique and pattern.

“Terrazzo’s beautifully imperfect mosaic pattern was something we felt we could apply to the world of tech. That, coupled with our research of the ‘heathered’ pattern of technical footwear knits and clothing from the fitness world, gave us the inspiration to get experimenting,” says Fabien Nauroy, Head of Design at NATIVE UNION.

Using different materials and techniques, we pioneered a way of bringing this speckled print into the world of tech using tones of grey and white interwoven braid.

Cosmos editions are available for the following NATIVE UNION Apple Lightning cables: NIGHT Cable, BELT Cable, BELT Cable XL and KEY Cable.

And they’re not just a pretty face – all our cables are made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber* and covered in tough nylon braiding to make them ultra strong – six times stronger than standard charging cables with a 10,000+ bend lifespan.

* An O-Flex strain relief design at the cable’s connector joint provides controlled flexibility to prevent breakage at this common stress point. So you can wave goodbye to frayed charging cables!

Check out our latest photoshoots of the Cosmos range at two of our favorite urban hotels: The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, and TUVE hotel in Hong Kong.

TUVE Hotel - BELT Cable XL

TUVE Hotel - BELT Cable XL

The Line Hotel - NIGHT Cable

The Line Hotel - NIGHT Cable

The Line Hotel - NIGHT Cable and CLIC Card

The Line Hotel - The Full Cosmos Range

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12 days in Japan

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